Rose & Shine with Aly Nagel - "Don't Call Me Pretty"


At Shine, we like to light things up. Our philosophy is simple: everyone deserves to shine.

In this podcast, I’ll provide space for people who are doing good things to share their shiny stories…stories that illuminate what it takes to be an effective communicator in a digital age.

The individuals I speak with share the values that guide our work at Shine Communications: optimism, creativity, education…and doing good things in the world.

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Episode 1: Aly Nagel of Don’t Call Me Pretty

For my inaugural podcast, it’s an honor to speak to a young woman from my community who inspires me and many other women that I know. One of my first check-ins each morning is her Instagram, where I find messages that increase my awareness of women’s issues, inspire me to love myself more, and encourage me to take action.

Aly Nagel is a Social Media Strategist with years of experience working with clients in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment industries. She has helped develop social media campaigns for clients like Steinway & Sons, Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore, Cosmoprof North America, Halle Berry, and Women’s March LA, to name a few.

In 2016, she founded Don't Call Me Pretty (@dontcallmepretty_) on Instagram as a place to empower and uplift women and girls to feel confident within their own skin. She uses the mantra “our worth is not in the way we look.” Since then, #DONTCALLMEPRETTY has grown from a social media movement into a business…and her greatest passion. Today she hosts workshops for youth and professionals alike that provide attendees with tools about how to curate positive social media feeds and boost their own self esteem. She also works one-on-one with brands and individuals to help them reach targeted audiences and be more authentic on social media.

In our talk, Aly shares some of her best tips for creating an authentic voice in your communications work, and what lights her up. She also gives us some insight into her plans for 2019. Spoiler: It’s going to be a BIG year for her and we’ll all benefit from that great work.


Connect with Aly on social media!

Instagram: @aly_nagel and @dontcallmepretty_

Facebook: @alynagel1 and @dontcallmepretty


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